The City of Cochamabma is simply an un-missable highlight of Bolivia, its location is often out of route of the usual gringo trail but make no mistake, it’s a MUST VISIT DESTINATION.

Founded in 1574 and renamed as Cochabamba in 1786 this city has grown to the 3rd largest City in Bolivia. Cochabamba’s charm lies with its year round pleasant climate and its proximity to some world class attractions. Its other highlights include being the unofficial gastronomy capital of Bolivia where travellers can sample a huge range of typical cuisines which include Pique Macho, Saltenas, Api and Silpancho.


The regions surrounding attractions are world class, on the top of the list is the small yet wonderful land of the Dinosaurs Toro Toro National Park. Here travellers can explore the deepest cave in Bolivia, hike though crazy canyons and rock formations and observe the largest congregation of dinosaur tracks in South America. For birders this is a very important park as its home to the Andean Condor and the endemic and endangered Red Fronted Macaw.

Other must see attractions include trekking tours of Pico Tunari where the views from the 5035m summit are world class. Lastly the Incan Ruins of Incallajta are impressive and rarely visited.


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