Just 120 km from the Mega City of Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the delightful bohemian town of Samaipata. Ideally located in a valley between the Andes Mountain ranges and Amazon Rainforests of Amboro National Park, this town has become the perfect escape for locals Santa Cruz and tourists who come to enjoy its many attractions.

Samaipata is the perfect base for exploring an incredible array of world class tourist attractions, its cooler climate, friendly vibe and scenery is why many tourist simply never leave.


Main Attractions of this area include the following

  • Las Cuevas Waterfalls – Just 20 km from the Towns centre
  • El Fuerte Ruins: incredible Pre Incan Ruins
  • La Pajcha Waterfalls: Spectacular Waterfalls 2 hours’ drive from Samaipata
  • Condor Trek: World’s best Andean Condor viewing which is very non touristic
  • Amboro National Park – World Class National Park with treks to see ancient Giant Ferns, Bird watching and Wildlife.
  • Bella Vista trek – Spectacular trekking with breathtaking scenery

Bella Vista trek – Spectacular trekking with breathtaking scenery

  • La Boeme Bar/ Restaurant – Easily the best bar in town and its friendly Australian Owners just add to the charm, also serves delicious meals as well
  • La Cocina – Excellent Middle Eastern type food, very good quality at a decent price
  • Tierra Libre- decent food and English menus of local, international and Vegan food


  • Budget includes Andorina Hotel, Los Aventureros and Lanhaus
  • High range: El Pueblito Resort – Spectacular setting and very popular with tourists and locals