Please note that while partaking in any of our tours the following risks and dangers include but are not limited to:

Transport: We use a wide range of transport means such as car, bus, aircraft, bicycle, boat, raft, horse and cart, kayak or any other as required. Please note that on some of our tours, especially in remote locations, the roads, bridges, rivers and trails can be in poor condition and we often face obstacles such as fallen trees, flooding, bogging of vehicles and dust among others.

Activities: Include trekking, rafting, fishing, camping, swimming, climbing and boating risks. Due to the fact you often will be in a completely natural surrounding the following risks include but are not limited to snake bites, insect/ spider bites, allergic reactions, injuries from falls, falling objects, swimming, dangerous wildlife. Please be aware many of the tour locations include contain pumas, jaguars, venomous snakes, spiders, insects, peccaries, and more.

Travelling in a range of environments such as mountains, forests, deserts and often rivers, which vary greatly in climate and altitude.

Climatic Conditions can change rapidly, without warning which can result in extreme events such as flash flooding, freezing temperatures, storms, heat waves, snowstorms and more.

Injuries, medical illness, accidents can all occur in remote locations with no medical facilities or options for rapid evacuation.


NICK´S ADVENTURES BOLIVIA does not assume liability or responsibility for the services of medical doctors, evacuations, sickness, injuries, allergies, loss of property due to theft, injury or damage from riots, theft, fire, transport incidents among others.

All customers of Nick´s Adventures Bolivia must be of a good health standard and any limitations or physical impairments, including allergies and special food requirements, must be made aware prior to the commencement of any tour or activity.

All participants in any tour or activity of Nick´s Adventures Bolivia do so at their own risk and responsibility. It’s vitally important that prior to the commencement of any tour or activity all participants read and sign the terms and conditions and enter knowing the types of risks involved.


Civil unrest, road blocks, extreme weather and fuel shortages are the main reasons why a tour may be cancelled or the itinerary changed, please note these changes are done for the safety and benefit of the customers. When the situation is out of the control of Nick’s Adventures Bolivia, such as for the reasons listed above, and the tour has to be cancelled, Nicks Adventures Bolivia will give a 65 percent refund with the remaining 35 percent being used to cover our administration expenses. Please note if we are forced to make changes to the itinerary due to adverse weather conditions/ civil unrest or problems out of our control and they incur extra costs (such as accommodation, food) then the customer will be charged the additional costs.


To confirm a tour a 50 percent deposit of the tour price must be paid with the remaining balance to be paid on the day of departure.


If the client wishes to cancel a tour for any reason Nick’s Adventures Bolivia will refund a percentage of the tour cost at the following rates:

More than 30 days before the start of the tour 85% refund of total tour cost.

15-30 days before the start of the tour 70% refund of total tour cost.

3-15 days before the start of the tour 50% refund of total tour cost.

Within 2 days before the start of the tour no refund will be granted.

This cancellation and refund policy is used to recover our costs of hotel bookings, guides and administration.


The whole responsibility lies with the guest to ensure they have the correct travel and medical insurance to cover themselves for the duration of their tour. This should be organized in your country of origin.


In any tour with Nick´s Adventures Bolivia it’s extremely important to take note and obey the following rules and laws:.

Drugs: No drugs or controlled substances are to be taken on tours or activities with NICK´S ADVENTURES BOLIVIA. If prescription medication is required please make staff aware before the commencement of any tour or activity.

Wildlife: While we give every opportunity for the participants to see wildlife in their natural environments we never guarantee sightings. Furthermore any removal of animals, plant matter or articles from National Parks or protected areas is prohibited.

Equipment: Participants are responsible for any equipment borrowed or used from Nick’s Adventures, any damages to the equipment will incur an
additional cost to the customer. Smoking within tents is strictly prohibited.